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Why Deliverance bait boats?
Deliverance bait boat in action

YOUR QUESTIONS: Why Deliverance?

Before buying a bait boat the chances are you have a number of questions in mind to ensure you make the right choice. As experienced carp anglers, we at Deliverance judge our bait boats on the same criteria and will continue to do everything we can to make sure that Deliverance bait boats are the best on the market. Check out the range of frequently asked questions below and see how Deliverance compares with other bait boats.

Does the bait boat come with a guarantee? We are pleased to offer a one year guarantee (subject to conditions) on your new Deliverance bait boat. View our Guarantee page for more details.
What speed is the bait boat? A fast walk
What range can I use the bait boat at? Our bait boats feature 'over the horizon technology', that ensures you can use your boat as far as you are ever likely to need it. In testing we have sent bait boats over 600 meters without any loss of control!
How noisy is the bait boat? Near silent.
What is the battery life? Batteries generally last 3-4 days before charging as an average.
What is the bait boat's hopper capacity? 3kg on the rollover hopper, 1.5kg on the twin door system.
Can I trickle bait out? Our rollover hopper can be partially opened and closed using the handset as needed to allow you to spread bait over a great area than in possible with most bait boats.
Does the hopper have a lid? Yes, our removable hopper lid is perfect for use in wet weather, to stop birdlife attacking your bait, and to hold live baits in place.
How do you load the hopper? Both hopper systems are quick and easy to load from the top, making them simple to use without having to lift your bait boat from the water on sloping banks etc.
What baits can I use in the hopper? Literally anything without risk of losing any bait, including maggots, liquids and glugs and live baits (including adding water to the hopper if needed to keep them in perfect condition at long range). You can also use sticky baits, using the handset to partially open and close the hopper to wash them out.
Can I use PVA in the hopper? Our hopper is totally waterproof and therefore ideally suited to dropping pva bags etc as needed.
What is the turning circle? The bait boats own length, perfect for manoeuvring in tight spots.
Are the batteries removable? Yes
Are the batteries plugless? Yes, our unique system makes it simple to replace batteries, even in the dark.
Can the bait boat be used in rough weather? Yes, the Deliverance is totally waterproof.
Can a bait boat be built to my own specification? Definitely, all bait boats are built in our factory in the UK. If you have any extra requirements such as spotlights etc simply drop us a line and we will be happy to help.
Does the bait boat have an external aeriel? The bait boats aeriel is hidden inside the boat and therefore cannot get caught in overhanging trees etc. The 6inch aeriel for the fishfinder is external and can be removed when not needed.