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Bait Boat racing at the Carp Show
Mike and Derek Ritchie at the Carpin' On Carp Show


This page of the website includes the latest news and information from the Deliverance team, including details on boat and product developments, your chance to meet us at the carp shows and top catches by anglers using our boats.

New 2.4 GHz technology

Date added: 2nd November 2010

Note that all carbon boats will now be supplied with 2.4 GHz technology. We had originally intended to bring this in next year but have decided to move this forward to now.2.4 GHz has numerous advantages including: no frequency clashing with any other boats [totally impossible], over the horizon range, proven reliability all across the model range.
Black boats will still be supplied with 40MHz radio sets - but 2.4 GHz is available at an extra cost.
Contact us for details.

New hopper system

Roll-over hopper photo gallery

Date added: 02/02/2010

A photo gallery is now available showing the new roll-over hopper system in action out on the bank.

Feedback from anglers using the roll-over system so far has been fantastic, and the extra options it provides really are endless.

New hopper in testing

Revolutionary New Hopper Design Now Available

Date added: 01/10/09

We can reveal our exciting new roll-over hopper system is now available, making the best boat on the market even better.

The revolutionary new design offers a number of exciting benefits including;

1) Increased bait capacity of up to 3kg
2) Sealed hopper allows you to use liquids and bait soaks
3) Complete control, don't fully open the hopper and you can spread a wider trail of bait around your hookbait.
4) Scoop water in and out of the hopper to wash out sticky baits such as particles
5) Cartridge loading system available - prepare a number of hoppers in advance and simply drop them in the back of the boat.
6) Improved boat performance, speed and turning circle

The new system will be offered alongside our door hopper system for no extra cost! Simply choose which design you prefer at the time of purchase. Please get in touch if you have any questions or for more information.

New Deliverance website

New Deliverance website live!

Date added: 25/09/09

The new Deliverance Bait Boats website is now live!

From products guides to the latest news, galleries, updates and catches from the Deliverance team make sure you check the site regularly for everything you need to know about the best bait boat on the market.


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